Redacted (BO2)

Info for the unmaintained Redacted T6 client.

When will Redacted be updated?

The Redacted project is officially closed and the client is unmaintained. The client available on Redacted is "as is" and any issues users experience will not be addressed by former members of the development team. Support is community driven only.

How can I plan online multiplayer with Redacted?

Redacted is for offline bots and LAN only. There are work arounds with services such as Tunngle and
Hamachi that allow a rudimental form of online play using the LAN feature.

How do I register an account for Redacted?

There is no registration required for the Redacted client. If you are asked to sign in, you are using an outdated version of Redacted. Simply download the client files from and copy and paste them into your Black Ops II installation.

Redacted Won't Open After Windows 10 Creators Update


I have the nosTEAM version on BO2. Will it work?

Pirated versions of Black Ops II will not work or not work well with the Redacted mod. If you are using nosTEAM, you will most likely not be able to play using Redacted.

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How do I log into the Redacted client?

If you launch Redacted and are asked to log in, then you are using an outdated client. Download the client from the link on only.

I'm getting an error Failed to load OpenNet.Red32n for reason 5

Reason 5 is a permission issue.

To fix, navigate to the file mentioned, right click and select properties and the select the security tab. Click Advanced button settings and change the owner of the file to your user account. Different operating systems may have different methods to change ownership of files.
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