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    كيف أسجل في كود 9
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    I also love all people of the world️‍
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    I love all people in the world
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    Hi all
    I can't find server in mw2 What will i do???
    Plse help
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  9. killingspree
    killingspree PeterG
    Yes, I own the game on steam. But how can that help me? I get that i can verify steam cache but, how can I make the files go into the redacted?
    1. PeterG
      Verify your files and screenshot the results.
      Jul 29, 2017
  10. killingspree
    killingspree PeterG
    I know about that but when I add the zombies to my steam it only says shortcut because i took it from the folder. So what should I do to make it not a shortcut but a real game that I can just add it and then verify the fire cache because right now I can't see it.
    1. PeterG
      Do you own the game on steam?
      Jul 27, 2017
  11. killingspree
    killingspree PeterG
    How do i verify file cache because i have a real version of it on steam but, idk how to make it go on steam and verify it. Can you please help?
    1. PeterG
  12. killingspree
    killingspree PeterG
    The one from launches but it has missing things so it ends up crashing like its missing either the binkw32.dll or its missing the default_mp.cfg and says may need to add to code_pre_gfx.
    1. PeterG
      Verify file cache in Steam. It will fix that.
      Jul 26, 2017
  13. killingspree
    killingspree PeterG
    I can't launch the zombies or multiplayer for some reason even tho i downloaded the windows 10 thing on the forums it doesn't try to launch at all, I see it in the task manager for a second then it vanishes.
    1. PeterG
      Working fine for me. I would try download the client from and trying again. The client from the site has the full client with the Win10 CE patch included.
      Jul 26, 2017
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    who gives me a steam code from playerunknown's
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    euuu não to lokooo
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