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  1. PeterG
    Happy 2018!
  2. FishyHank
    FishyHank PeterG
    Hey PeterG, you have helped me in the past and I greatly appreciate it! I was hoping you could help me with one more thing.
    I have been using the react (legacy I believe) client to play mw2 over lan. Has worked great and I love it! The only issue I'm having is that I can't transfer stats, upgrades, etc from one pc to another. Is there a way to do this?
    1. PeterG
      Move the players folder
      Nov 23, 2017
  3. PeterG
    Looks like discord is messing up.
  4. Iftikhar Ahmad
    Iftikhar Ahmad
    i wanna help i cannot register myself in the iw4x because when i open that website it shows always 404 error
    1. PeterG
      Change the extension to .rip
      Nov 18, 2017
  5. PeterG
    WWII is a good game. Pleasantly surprised.
  6. Negr_Islam
  7. Samurai
    PC Player for Sakura - @sakuraosu
  8. Samurai
    PC Player for Sakura
  9. TiTanX|CuteGhosT :)
  10. Lakes
    Lakes SonOfTheUniverse
    Good morning, could you solve the error? I get that and sometimes "game shutdown was not graceful" help please
  11. daniel lopez
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  13. daniel lopez
    daniel lopez
    hola prro
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  14. VerdantSnow1032
    I love me some call of duty ❤❤
  15. aimads310
  16. Nick
    Nick SIRwolverine
    Archive (.RAR)
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    Uploaded: 2017-09-25 11:35:20
    Uploaded From: Barbados" Hey are you from barbados?
  17. SubRulZz
    Oodas Hell
  18. cspfenix
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  20. ali509
    ali509 PeterG
    كيف أسجل في كود 9