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    Is there a way to fix "Server Disconnected - 57475" without resetting stats?

    Tried but still getting that error.
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    Is there a way to fix "Server Disconnected - 57475" without resetting stats?

    Have it too now.. :( Prestige 2, Level 17, haven´t played for three days, wanted to play again just yet, but "Server disconnected - 57475 (or something else)". Tried my Prestige 2 Level 7 savegame, same error. Oh come on :/
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    I want to play BO2 offline.

    After losing my progress (only inserting "Userfiles" gives you "Your Online stats have been reset" message), I leveled up to 2. Then I inserted my backup "Userfiles" folder and suddenly I got no more "Stats have been reset" and my level was back. (I´m sorry if it´s not the correct way, I can´t...
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    I want to play BO2 offline.

    WTF, why no proper instructions in the readme?? You have to backup the PLAYERS and USERFILES folders. I only saved userfiles, because the readme in RSE v4 says that. I just thought, there has to be a way to save progression. But already too late. Very good work -.- WHAT DA FU**?? Just inserted...
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    Stats Editor ?

    Sorry, I don´t understand. What do I have to insert if my playername is "LeRutY" and I want to change my level to 31?
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    My save game stats

    Delete the "Cloud" folder inside "Plugins/OpenNetStorage". Source:
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    Can't Change Emblem

    THX, you´re the VIP!
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    This guy uploaded his save game (12 day playtime):
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    Redacted Steam Integration?

    When does Activision cares for what the community wants or makes? HAHAHA, just one of the worst publishers ever. They don´t make native offline leveling with bots support, but want 60€ and 14€ for 4 DLC´s (every Cod gets 4 DLC´s nowadays). Just sad. Cod is really fun playing with bots but...
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    Redacted for other call of duty titles?

    Unofficial bot support (and offline leveling) for other CoD´s (I know of): PeZbot for MW1 (macporterjoe on rseblogspot is working on future updates), RSE for MW2, Offline package for BO1 (rseblogspot).
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    Tactical keeps getting cleared

    I can live without an emblem (editor crashes everytime) but this reset thing is more annoying. Yeah at least there is a working BO2 bot mod, because macporterjoe (RSE maker) haven´t updated his packages, they don´t work with newer windows 10 versions. Fortunate I found this website.
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    Bug: "Tactical" equipment doesn´t save

    Hi redacted team, you´re the best! Thank you very much for the Windows CE Fix! Finally I can levelup with bots in BO2. Windows 10 caused problems. So, the only problem so far I noticed is, that your "Tactical" equipment is removed every time you end a match, switch your "Class set" or if you...