Countdown to Eldewrito 0.6!

The release of the long awaited Eldewrito (Halo Online) update 0.6 is coming soon! Are you ready? Visit the Halo Online Subreddit for more info.
Eldewrito Update 0.6 is live! NOW!

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    Eldewrito Update Incoming!

    After a loooooooong wait, the big 0.6 Eldewrito is about to be released. Can't wait.
  2. PeterG

    leveling up?

    It shouldn't take long. Where did you download Redacted from? You need to get it from
  3. PeterG

    Not finding maps?

    Maybe try Plutonium T6.
  4. PeterG

    leveling up?

    Try this maybe -
  5. PeterG

    UI Error code 58339

    If you are getting"UI Error code 58339" your stats are corrupted. Delete the de folder located at t6r/player/dw
  6. PeterG

    Entry Point Not Found (ERROR)

    Use this one
  7. PeterG

    Entry Point Not Found (ERROR)

    Looks like you have bad files. Where did you get the game files?
  8. PeterG

    Plutonium + Redacted

    If you currently have the Redacted version of BO2 installed and want to try Plutonium T6 you don't need to have a second installation of the game files. The Plutonium T6 mod stores all it's custom files in a separate folder from the other game file called "t6r". Redacted (or Steam for that...
  9. PeterG

    Plutonium T6 tomorrow.

    Plutonium T6 tomorrow.
  10. PeterG

    Calling card and emblem won't save

    Known issue that will never be fixed. Wait, in a couple of days Plutonium T6 will be released.
  11. PeterG

    How can i play with some friends online?

    Try looking at the count down clock at the top of the site. :sherlock:
  12. PeterG

    Custom Maps for IW4x

    Have you looked at this?
  13. PeterG

    Plutonium T6 Quick Start Guide (Client Install)

    The Plutonium T6 Client requires you to register on their forum. Before you continue, register now. Make sure you have The Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed. Use the x86 version. Copy your Black Ops 2 game files to a new folder if you have it installed on Steam. (Steam version...
  14. PeterG

    Report Cheaters In-Game

    You can now report cheaters or other problems in our B3 supported servers (IW4x and PlutoT6) by typing "!contact your-issue-here" in the game chat. This will relay a message to the ReactionGaming Discord server's b3 log reports channel. Warning! This command is for reporting cheaters and...