Cod: Mw2 CheyTac_akimbo mod

Cod: Mw2 CheyTac_akimbo mod 2021-04-29

The damage is consistent to Usp 45 Akimbo.
Sound: CheyTac original.
Mw2 Iw4x Screenshot 2021.04.29 -

I've always been very frustrated with some modders and youtube channels that publish video of their mods without a download link.
Our Modern Warfare 2 community has always been divided so it is dying.

You can do a little google search for mod mw2 and you will find many links offline.
An example of this: the intervetion akimbo that was published December 27, 2012 there is no link for this mod.

So I decided to do something similar.

I see no problem with sharing content or knowledge.
I actually think they like to feel superior to others ...

My time here is running out, I have been developing things for Modern Warfare 2 for a long time.
AlterIWnet, FourDeltaOne, AlterRevolution, Repz, RocktV2 and now IW4x.