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IW4x is a modification (mod) of the popular first-person shooter game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" (MW2). It is an unofficial multiplayer client for the game that aims to enhance and expand upon the original MW2 experience. IW4x offers various improvements and additional features that were not present in the original game, providing players with new gameplay options and customization possibilities.

The IW4x mod includes features such as dedicated servers, custom maps, a server browser, improved anti-cheat measures, and support for modding and customization. It allows players to connect to community-run servers and engage in multiplayer matches with other players. The modding support enables users to create and share their own maps, mods, and game modes, adding further variety to the MW2 experience.

IW4x was primarily developed and maintained by a community of modders and enthusiasts who continued to update and improve upon the mod over time until they were forced to stop by Activision. It is worth noting that IW4x is an unofficial modification and not officially endorsed or supported by the original game's developers or publishers.

Despite the end of development, the IW4x client continues to function thanks to its decentralized node system.

Further instructions on how to use the IW4x mod can be found: here: How to Play MW2 With the IW4x Client.

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