Weapon Control Plugin - Antinoob

Weapon Control Plugin - Antinoob 1.0.8

Rescued B3 plugins from archive.org and a gitlab page.
Original author: Anubis

In the current version you are able to configure:
  • different 'blocking time duration' for specific maps
  • block the weapon permanently
  • block any weapon you want

Here's the config:
<configuration plugin="antinoob">
    <settings name="settings">
        <set name="warn_duration">5</set>
        <set name="warning_rule">rule2</set>
        <set name="banned_warning_rule">rule2</set>
        <set name="unlock_message">^3 %s seconds passed - ^3all weapons unlocked!!!</set>
        <set name="info_message">^3 No nades, airstrike, tubes or heli ^5first %s seconds of the round!!!</set>
        <set name="bannedonly_info_message">^3 Please, No marty/last stand, GL's or RPG's !!!</set>
<!--    <maps>
        <map name="mp_citystreets">15</map>
    </maps> -->
        <weapon mod="MOD_GRENADE_SPLASH"></weapon>
    </weapon_banned_kick> -->
        <weapon mod="MOD_FALLING"></weapon>
        <weapon mod="">frag_grenade_short_mp</weapon>
        <weapon mod="">gl_ak47_mp</weapon>
        <weapon mod="">gl_g3_mp</weapon>
        <weapon mod="">gl_g36c_mp</weapon>
        <weapon mod="">gl_m4_mp</weapon>
        <weapon mod="">gl_m14_mp</weapon>
        <weapon mod="">gl_m16_mp</weapon>
        <weapon mod="">gl_mp</weapon>
        <weapon mod="">rpg_mp</weapon>

warn_duration - it's a default for all maps within ppl will be warned for using defined weapons
warning_rule - defined rule which will be used to warn a player
unlock_message - message announcing unlocking weapons - MUST CONTAIN %swhich will be replaced by number of seconds
info_message - message informing about duration of weapons restriction - MUST CONTAIN %s which will be replaced by number of seconds

If for the specific map time should be longer then use <maps> section to define it.
<weapons> - here we can define resticted weapons
perm = "0" or "1" - of perm="1" - weapon will be restricted all the time, independent of the defined time.

  1. Copy PY file into plugins directory
  2. Copy XML file into b3/extplugins/conf
  3. Edit your b3.xml file at the <plugins> section add: <plugin name="antinoob" priority="9" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/plugin_antinoob.xml"/> and update priority number.
Note: Untested on IW4x
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