1. xXAnPiXx

    [Resolved] Help! How to enable the function "Low graphics" or "High FPS" on a server

    Hello, how can I enable the function "High Fps"? Like when on the game i find "Click [number] to enable low graphics"? Thanks, xXAnPiXx
  2. P

    When On Launch of the NoN-Offline t6zm....

    So when I open the non-offline t6zm so I can play zombies and do not have to worry about playing offline. Whenever I double click on it, yeah the redacted console shows up but then a few seconds in it stops and says "(Not Responding)". I have no idea what to do and I have already searched it up...
  3. vice

    Missing Native RESOLUTION

    My BO2 only goes up to 1400x1050. Is there something I can do to add 1920x1080 (native res) to my game?
  4. E

    Playing Split Screen?

    I'm reposting this because the original thread was taken down due to a link. I'm trying to play a makeshift split screen mode with the [REDACTED] client by opening the game twice. Every time I open the game a second time, another console pops up and it closes after about 10 seconds, and the...
  5. M

    Bots on Dedicated Server?

    Hi. I want to play with my friends, but don't want to have them reconnect over and over during custom games. Any way to get bots on a dedicated server, such as a plugin? I tried about in the console and it said no.
  6. I

    Cannot connect to servers

    I've been having issues connecting to the servers. It used to work fine once I got it then about 10-20min after I got it I exited zombies which had previously been working fine (multiplayer worked fine too) and I tried to reopen it, everything was normal until I clicked on online, the load time...
  7. S

    t6_models.ff missing

    Hello everyone, I am needing help with a .ff file. I am trying to use MW2 but I missing a file know as t6_models.ff. If anyone has a download please give it to me as I need it. Thank you and kind regards stormarea51
  8. A

    Adding friends?

    Hey, new here and I'm having a blast but I dunno how to go about adding people. Is it best to just join empty servers for the maps I want to play or something or is it best to host a server for everyone or? I just want to be able to boot it up and invite friends however possible since I dunno if...
  9. S

    [HELP] Trying to run multiple servers using b3 Bot

    So I have one server running great with B3 Bot. I'm trying to start up another server to use it too. I have created a new server, made a new b3.xml and renamed it b31.xml. I have made the B3 Shortcut to do --config C:\BigBrotherBot\conf\b31.xml. When i start up the new B3 Bot i get the error...
  10. S

    This Program can't start...

    I have an important question regarding the react client for MW2, When my brother plays MW2 it runs just fine but after putting the files in an error message occurs that says "The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this...
  11. navyflow

    Issue MW2 hostname help please

    Hey so I’m using the iSnipe mod and it makes my hostname iw4xhost. I changed the name in my server.cfg and it works when I’m not using the mod. Any ideas how to change my hostname in iSnipe mod or and workarounds? Thanks!
  12. pistakilla

    Black ops II Multiplayer - playing on same team

    Hello, just wanted to ask if it is possible to change teams in public match. You see my friend and I would love to play against bots and rank up in public match, although the problem lies when I join the game and he joins after and he's on the opposing side. This is annoying and I tried to find...
  13. K

    How can I fix the error?

    How can I fix the error?
  14. S

    CoD: BO 2 Cant launch

    Hi guys i got the bo2 game and installed redacted, when i start the launcher and try to login, its showing me the error msg: Login failed, if i try to launch the multiplayer the startup wont show anything, if i press enter the console/startup is crashing can you help me out guys?
  15. B

    Is there a way to disable the hitmarkers in campaign?

    I've installed redacted cod bo to play zombies on Lan with my brothers. When I decided to finally start the campaign. I found out they've added hitmarkers to it without an option to disable them. Which killed it for me. I've been looking to find a way to use the in-game console or .cfg's to...
  16. D

    Problems pressing TAB

    Hey, I've noticed when I hit tab it goes a bit nuts, but only when i'm the only player spawned. Sometimes it drops the FPS down to about 5fps from 300 and just sticks there. I've heard that there is a .dll that is available to download to fix this? If there is could you maybe link me to it...
  17. J

    Solved Help!!! Launch Issue

    HELP! when i open mp it says "Could not load image 'preview_mp_compact'. If this image name starts with 'preview_mp_', you might be missing iw_22.iwd/iw_23.iwd." This problem keeps happening and when I installed iw_23.iwd, please help
  18. H

    [MW2] A waiting gamestate! help please!!!

    this really made me angry, i have really good internet my ping is (130) and i can't ever join any server... hope for help because I'm playing mw2 all the time and i'd to be admin in servers :))
  19. PainMy

    Requesting some archives for MW2.

    Hello ladies & gentlemen. I need some archives to run up my MW2, and yeah I need your help. I need the next archives... -binkw32.dll -ms23.dll -localization.txt Sorry for bothering you, post your comment in the feedback / or feel free to send me a private message. Thank you for reading.. ~ PainMy
  20. Y

    Help me

    Whenever I open iw4m it opens normally but it is in black screen without stop playing the background music help me