iw4x server guide

  1. Hollowpoint186

    IW4X Linux Server Install Script 1.0.0

    This is a reworked script originally provided by @linkuso. This script contains multiple fixes and should give you an immaculate experience. Run install.sh as root and follow the instructions. Afterwards you'll have to upload your Modern Warfare 2 basegame to the newly created "MW2" folder. If...
  2. Homer

    Guide IW4x Server Setup Guide (Unoffical)

    Notice: This is a unofficial guide for iw4x. If you looking for the "Official" guide. Go to the wiki page on their site. This one is only a fan made guide. I'm not the developer of IW4x. Follow these instructions to set up your own IW4x server at your home or on a VPS server of your choice...