1. McHannigans

    CoD 4 Silver Deagle

    does some1 has the file for the silver deagle instead the golden one? ik its not a mod but idk where else to post
  2. B

    ProMod v3.2 pub + war 2016-07-29

    Note: I did not make this mod, and i do not take any credit, also not tested for React IW4 Server setup guide How to add mods to your server Hey guys, this (my) ProMod version 3.2 Pub is especially made for Public servers where you dont need Strat time, Ready-up period and things like that...
  3. B

    MW2 Mouse PROBLEM

    Basically I am having this problem with react I have deleted the config and the whole players folder keep that in mind my mouse in game feels like super fast when I move it 1 side to the other like I cant control it it bothers me because my friend just got the same problem this past week and I...
  4. reaaL

    COD4 Menu Remake[Preview]

    as title says ;)at least this time i don't have to post these in discord anymore and disturb everyones existence. so far i have all these working as of now, a lot more stuff will be made into cod4 theme :campeon: this is also a continuation of (...
  5. PeterG

    React IW4 - A modifiaction on Modern Warfare 2

    peterg submitted a new blog post React IW4 - A modifiaction on Modern Warfare 2 Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  6. J

    React Client Not Working

    Every time i run the updater it gives me an error message saying, "failed to check for new updates on the server!" Please Help
  7. D

    React Watermark?

    Is there any way to remove the react watermark for mw2 (the text in the top right of the screen in game)
  8. PeterG

    How to Play MW2 With the React Legacy Client

    If you are having difficulty recording cines or montages with other clients, we are providing React Legacy as a specialty iw4 client. It is essentially, the ReactIW4 r449 version with a few minor changes. There is no back-end so normal server hosting is a bit more difficult but not impossible...