1. D

    How change color of modname?

    Hey guys! :) How can I change the color of the mod name shown in the server list on the right? I already tried to change the folder and the file name with "^2Mod^1Name", but it didn't work. However, I have seen that many servers have a colored mod name. I can set my server name on my IW4x...
  2. Hollowpoint186

    IW4X Linux Server Install Script 1.0.0

    This is a reworked script originally provided by @linkuso. This script contains multiple fixes and should give you an immaculate experience. Run as root and follow the instructions. Afterwards you'll have to upload your Modern Warfare 2 basegame to the newly created "MW2" folder. If...
  3. C

    People can still join after i sat a password on my server?

    I sat a password on my server so only friends could join. But when me and my friends try to connect there is no password required. So random people join and that is annoying. Also how do i use commands. Nothing happens when i type them in. For example kick a player.
  4. I

    Cannot connect to servers

    I've been having issues connecting to the servers. It used to work fine once I got it then about 10-20min after I got it I exited zombies which had previously been working fine (multiplayer worked fine too) and I tried to reopen it, everything was normal until I clicked on online, the load time...
  5. S

    [HELP] Setting up dedicated Server using custom maps IW4X

    Hello, so far I have been using a tutorial from the COD4 method of setting up a redirect for downloading custom maps. I have a page where all my maps are stored. On my page i have a public-http folder in which i have 2 folders, fs_game and usermaps. I have placed all the .ff files in the...
  6. navyflow

    Issue MW2 hostname help please

    Hey so I’m using the iSnipe mod and it makes my hostname iw4xhost. I changed the name in my server.cfg and it works when I’m not using the mod. Any ideas how to change my hostname in iSnipe mod or and workarounds? Thanks!
  7. X

    Issue Bot Warfare Mod - Dedicated Server

    Hi all, I have seen the "Dejgaming 24/7 Skidrow" server has bots enabled. I'd really like to set my own server up with bots but cannot figure out how the mod works. Note: When I attempt to use it in a local game, it makes a sound when I press the menu button but the menu doesn't load. When I...
  8. GaZaai

    [GUIDE] Server Mod HTTP Redirect - Much Faster!!

    Hi All, I recently just discovered that its possible to make clients download form your server directly via HTTP just like on COD4. NOTE: This is for Windows Server, but the rules should still apply for Linux. First we will create your basic Web Site and set it up for mod downloading. 1...
  9. Forrest Gump

    Solved Server Shutsdown Unexpectedly

    Hi, my server shuts down after some seconds it starts. I once uploaded the dump file, but now, here it is the Error log last parts: File Handles: [ 10026] handle 1: console_mp.log [ 10028] ---------------------- [ 10030] 60110 files in iwd files [ 10103] Unloaded fastfile dlc2_ui_mp [...
  10. B

    Issue Set up a server... connection timed out.

    I set up a server for ReactIW4, and I believe I did everything right, as it appears on the server list, but when ever I try to connected, I get a server connection timed out error. Help?
  11. L

    Server doesnt always show on React List

    Hey, i made a server following ur setup and port forwarded at all required ports however when i start my server it doesnt always show up. like 90% of the time is doesnt show? Anyway i can fix?
  12. M

    Version 4.0-1

    Hello. I downloaded this client and I'm looking for some good HC SND server. On the servers list, the only one which I'm intersted in is =VC=ViejosChotos Cl4N server. When I try to connect, it says the server is in different, 4.0-1 version. How can I change version or can someone set up stable...
  13. PeterG

    Server Rules

    Racism of any kind will not be tolerated. Bullying, threatening and harassment of other players is not allowed. All styles of play are allowed. Yes, that means camping IS allowed. Hacking will not be tolerated. The use of binds/glitches that gives a player an in-game advantage is not allowed. An...