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Jun 10, 2018
Mer9 - is the bad guy
The bad guy is the Magic word that we've all heard. In life, movies and the more so in video games.
And it does not matter whether this individual is a steep alpha male, with sunglasses, seducing women's hearts with his brutality, whose father is Chuck Norris.
Or an aggressive player in COD MWII, who does not shy with any comments, nor open insult to your address, in whose table there is an imperious inscription - ADMIN.
To my displeasure, I got the second option. Option in which an inadequate player has the opportunity to unfairly ban me.
First, we determine who or what is Admin.
-"Oh, I know, I know!" Is this a bad guy who bans other bad guys?
- Great try! Nearly !
The administrator is a person whose working principle lies in the server improvements.
Through what principles can the server be improved?
The first of them is - Justice.

Miniature - "A fair ban of a dirty cheater"
1 - Player. 2 - Admin. 3 - Cheater.
- *screams* ADMIIN, that guy is a hacker! (1)
- This? (2)
- YES! (1)
- Hello, "Nichname (3)" . You need to give me your game record so I can check your game.
- Fuck you! Server is shit! (3)
- *BAN* (2)
- Thanks! (1)
And this server lived happily ever after!

Analysis of the miniature
Now we introduce a system of estimates to understand - What was it?
To begin with, it was the work of an administrator. It was - justice.
Principles of the administrator's approach to work:
1. Efficiency.
In this miniature you can see how the player screams about the offender. And in the same second (!) Our Noble figure of justice came to the rescue
- * screams * ADMIIN, that guy is a hacker! (1)

2. Accuracy
"- This? (2)" - He did not start banning an occasional player, he did NOT start banning the player WITHOUT checking, and making silly mistakes. He did his job - CAREFULLY!

3. Punctuality (In this case, Politeness)
In order not to offend the feelings of the accused player, our hero:
(1) He used politeness not to offend the feelings of the accused player. In the end, he understands - the accusation can be empty.
- Hello, "Nichname (3)". You need to give me your game.
(2) Explained the motivation of his actions so that the player KNEWS.

4. Justice
Realizing that the accused player is aggressive, and most likely is a dirty cheater - Without insults and negativity, FAIR for insults and refusal of verification - banned the cheater.

How well did the administrator work? Completely? Sumptuously!

And now....
Now we turn to the principle of the game administrator Mer9
1 - FsTmy (Me), 2 - Mer9

The first example
(Running player with WH and AIMlock)
-Hey, Mer9, can you ban this guy? (1)
- * Silence ... *
*The player continues to lead on the walls and after the match leaves home*

Efficiency - FAIL, Desire to work as an administrator - FAIL

The second example
3 - Another player (from the MR clan) 2 - Mer9
*Bans a regular player* (2)
-WHAT DID YOU BAN HIM FOR? (3) (Google Translate - So WHAT DID YOU DAMN? , My translate - WHY DID U BAN HIM?)
* Silence .. * (2)

|1| Efficiency - ?? |2| Accuracy - ?? |3| Punctuality - ?? |4| Justice - ???????

The third example
Funny moment
- Ahaha (1)
- Fucked zero / Mouth to zero (RU - ≈бало на ноль) (2)
- ???? (1)
- * Silence .. And he continues to play *

|1| Efficiency - Nice, you're pretty good! |2| Accuracy - ?? |3| Punctuality - FAIL |4| Fairness - FAIL

Fourth example
Funny moment
I left for 10 seconds, and when I returned to the game, I was immediately killed.
-Ahah! Timing! (I like to enjoy trifles (Wrote like a second time in the match) (1)
-Ahah, fucked *Dissatisfied mockery * (RU - јхах,заебал) (2)
-Do not you really like the fun? You're like Squidward from a Spongebob, and I'm like a clever version of SpongeBob (1)
-OK, * BAN * (2)

|1| Efficiency - Nice |2| Accuracy - He did not miss my nickname, well done! |3| Punctuality - ?? |4| Fairness - ERR4R

Evaluation on the work of the administrator on the server mer9 - negative.(repulsive/hates) In all senses.
Mer9 does not do its job. Its principle. For whose sake it was made admin!
In the chat - behaves openly-aggressive towards the players. Any question from the players - in response to either rudeness or silence ..
Any claims regarding his work, behavior and the more familiarity with the players - in response to "And?"
- Guys, the cheater plays here, and the admin does not work -I? Poohism to work all over the face.

I have a question, a question without passive-open aggression, discontent or irritability - "Why?"
Why do we need an administrator who refuses to work as an administrator? Why do we need a person who does not bear justice on the server?
Why do we need an admin who ignores the players? Why do we need a man who can not even communicate without aggression?
Why do we need a frank "cattle" at the place of the admin, who does not receive anything other than the buttons "BAN / KICK" and the feeling of domination?
Why do we need an administrator with whom we will not achieve the development of a server?

The afterword of everything described.
I was banned by the administrator Mer9 - 3 times.
1. - For the fact that in the whole match (12 rounds minimum) 3+ times at the end of the round wrote - "Huh?"
2. - I did sit with the chat turned off and did not communicate. The reason is not fixed.
3. - For the fact that he was friendly and unconcerning, in an open tone, compared him with Squidward of SpancheBob?

The moment of the third ban
This administrator on the extent of two cards in the presence of regular players behaved frankly, aggressively towards me. To put it mildly.
For any of my questions regarding the above, I answered - "And?"
For ignoring his insults he began to insert his insults into my messages with other players.
Banit any players whom he wants, inventing the reason.
And all this in two maps.

Maybe I can be blamed for my unofficial unban.
Previously, did not pay attention to it. Throwed, reinstalled the game over time and played with incredible pleasure on the IW4X server!
On an INCREDIBLE server, I want to say. Players are very polite, experienced and adequate, who will gladly give advice to a newcomer on the server.
Absolutely all administrators (except mer9) are VERY friendly and responsive.
The atmosphere of the server - Russian-speaking paradise is not for Russians.

Perhaps we should think about who we are taking into admins?
On this my words about the work of the admin are over.
I'm selfish . I'm happy to play on this quality server, and I will provide all the demos (without verification) of that day (08-09) to continue the game.
With love of oneself (c) FsTmy


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Jan 19, 2016
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The person you are complaining about is not associated with ReactionGaming and is not admin on any of our servers. You need to talk to the owner of that server.