BO2 Redacted freezes on Emblem Editor

As the title suggests; my game freezes up and stops working when I click on the emblem editor. I can't touch it whatsoever. Is there a fix with this? It was working before but not anymore sadly.
Aw man that sucks. It worked for a little bit but decided to just "bleh" and die. Also, how come some stuff isn't saved when I relog back into redacted? Such as equipment, calling card etc?


Staff member
Redacted was never completed and development stopped several years ago. Depending on your OS and source for your game files/dlcs, there can be all sorts of issues.
Run as admin? That simple? I'll be sure to try and let you know if it works. The emblem editor does work, I found on a different forum that you need to delete the folder called Cloud and it won't freeze.