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Bug: "Tactical" equipment doesn´t save

Hi redacted team,

you´re the best! Thank you very much for the Windows CE Fix! Finally I can levelup with bots in BO2. Windows 10 caused problems. So, the only problem so far I noticed is, that your "Tactical" equipment is removed every time you end a match, switch your "Class set" or if you leave "Public match" menu. Everything else gets saved. Nonetheless, I love your work.

Maybe that issue is easy to fix, I don´t know anything about modding, if anyone can make a fix, please! If wanted, I pay for it.

I could open the "Emblem Editor" once but since then I´m getting an error: "XBOXLIVE_GENERICDISCONNECT".
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Emblem editor doesn't work and the tactical thing is an old bug that was never fixed.

Thank the Redacted team for their work. We are just helping to keep it alive.


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everytime you play u need to delete ur Films
Call of Duty - Black Ops 2\Plugins\OpenNetStorage\Cloud\FILM_MP
delete the "FILM_MP" and open your emblem again .