Denied cici Admin Application


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Feb 12, 2021
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1. What game services are you applying for? (This could be IW4x, RektT5M, PlutoT6 or all)
2. What is your age?

3. Do you see yourself as a mature person?

4. What is your full discord id (For example user#1234)

5. What is your in-game name?

6. What is your in-game @id number? (Just join one of our game servers and type in !whoami )

7. Have you ever been a server admin before?

No. This is my first time applying for anything like this.
8. Do you and your pc have the ability to record matches? (Admins are required to have video proof to ban)

Yes. I use Radeon ReLive,
9. How often are you online?

Every day, around 12pm to 4pm GMT.
10. How often are you playing on our game servers?

All the time; I always play on your Hardcore TDM server,
11. What's your average ping on our servers?

Around 100.
12. Have you ever used B3, or IW4MAdmin or RCON in the past or have experience managing servers?

No, but I am open to learning how to use them.
13. Do you know any of the current RG staff or admins?

No, I would sure like to meet them though :D
14. In your own words, why do you think you would make a good server admin?

I think I would make a great server admin because although I haven't been playing Pluto T6 for long I have always enjoyed the COD franchise and all the games I have played, I am a very energetic and fun person. I am very passionate about getting rid of the cheaters on these MP games; they ruin all the fun and I believe that you really don't need to be cheating to be good at a COD game, all it takes is practice and patience.
I also enjoy moderating games and am could be able to keep these servers a happy and exciting place to play on.