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Q: I can't login/Auth to Redacted
A: Clearly your files are out of date and you're using that god awful out of date torrent called nosteam.
Grab the new files here

Q: Can I play this game online?
Not anymore since the devs got a C&D and the final push was a rewrite of Redacted with LAN patch that detects PC's on your network to play with friends. This feature is quite buggy and the devs haven't had time to fix things up the way they wanted as they were getting threats in a illegal matter. Anyway...you can probably play it online with a shared VPN or Tunggle, Loginme etc but its kind of pointless now that everyone has moved on to PlutoT6 which we highly recommend you to switch because we now have true dedicated servers and serverlist as of 2/18/2019. PlutoT6 could use the players.

Q: Any new guns or updates will happen?
A: Never as the devs from both Redacted and PlutoT6 have ceased their activities. If a new project ever happen we will let you know.
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