Guide How to Play BO1 With the RektT5 Client

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Mar 29, 2016
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ReactionGaming is not affiliated in any way with the RektT5 development team. We have no access to the sourcecode or host any content on our servers that infringes copyright material. Users will still have to get their own copy of the game which we have no control of them to where they get their files from. could be steam. could be torrents. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Game is old & cheap nowadays and this should of the same love as WaW modding and reason why we fans of it.


RektT5 Includes the Following Features unlike any other T5 clients..

  • Fully updated T5M. base on a unleaked 4D1 source.
  • Better performance unlike steam.
  • DGS and CAC Fixed! That's right, your stats will save!
  • Keeping the impostors at bay by your own fixed account and password.
  • Theater mode support! (Maybe broken atm.)
  • Zombies Matchmaking!
  • Zombies leaderboards support!
  • Zombie lobby force start support. Regardless if the player is ready or not.
  • SE2Dev game_mod compatible so you can play custom zombies. (details of how to later)
  • custom gsc modding on "data" folder.
Getting started with RektT5

  1. Make sure you have Black Ops 1 & Session Pass installed on steam or burrow from a friend. This client can not run without it!
  2. Download the Rekt T5 client from the Rekt Discord drag and drop from the WinRAR or 7zip into a empty new folder. You can rename and create a shortcut of t5m.exe later.
  3. Run t5m.exe and let it do it's downloading. If you get a windows protected your PC. Just hit more info and run anyway.

Next step would be selecting the folder that contents your black ops 1 folder which is normally be steam default location of where your games installed which would be a ton of folders... So go ahead and select This PC, Local Disk C drive, Program Files (x86) folder, steam folder, steamapps folder, common folder, and finally Call of Duty Black Ops. Now just hit select folder


If you can't find your game then maybe you have it installed on your secondary hard drive. You need to know this. Try right clicking on Black Ops 1 Multiplayer and hit properties. Go to Local Files and hit browse local files. Address bar will tell you where its at. You need to pay attention on where your files is installed next time.

Phew...Now you can login to your game which you can register for free by going here.

Switching to RektT5 Multiplayer

  1. Right click on your t5m.exe and create shortcut.
  2. Now right click on the t5m.exe - shortcut file and go to properties.
  3. Add -mp on the end of the target line and hit apply and ok.
  4. Now run shortcut file and it should open multiplayer.
  5. If you haven't yet. Register a forum account from verified it via email and then login.


Run the -shortcut to enjoy Multiplayer mode or play t5m.exe for zombies. You can rename and create desktop shortcuts the same way. It's not that hard to really do..


Changelog update 1:
  • working server flags
  • dvar-related changes
  • working RCon
  • working CAC
  • disabled UPNP
  • fixed “connecting…” issues for non-English installs
  • stability improvements
  • more features to theater/leaderboards
  • enabled data folder for dedicated servers
The dvar changes are as followed:
  • cg_fov, cg_fovScale got unprotected
  • r_noborder got added for MP and SP
  • party_minplayers now works from the server cfg
  • con_enableBdLogging got added to hide the DW Emulator spam in the console
  • sv_network_fps maximum got increased to 1000
  • playlist_enabled is now writable
Changelog update 2:
  • Fixed playlist_enabled resetting after a map_rotate
  • Fixed RCon tools crashing dedicated servers
Changelog update 3:
  • Added support for game_mod (start t5m.exe with -linker_mod to use it)
    • RektT5 will read the mods from its own folder, you can however link them together with mklink /d mods c:\path\to\bo1\mods
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