How to Play MW2 With the React Legacy Client

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If you are having difficulty recording cines or montages with other clients, we are providing React Legacy as a specialty iw4 client. It is essentially, the ReactIW4 r449 version with a few minor changes. There is no back-end so normal server hosting is a bit more difficult but not impossible. React Legacy also supports LAN gaming as well. This client is releases as is. Updates and new features should not be expected.

If you are looking for multiplayer gaming, try the IW4x clilent​

How To Install React Legacy

The React Legacy Client does not require you to register on a forum so getting started is pretty easy.
  1. Make sure you have The Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed. Use the x86 version.
  2. Copy your Modern Warfare 2 game files to a new folder. (Steam version is preferred.)
  3. Delete everything except the folders "main", "miles", & "zone" and DO NOT delete the files: "localization.txt", "binkw32.dll", and "mss32.dll"

  4. Download the React Legacy Update HERE and place it in your root game directory.
  5. Extract the contents into your game folder. Replace files if prompted.
  6. Click iw4m.exe to start the game.
  7. On the main menu click the player's card to set your player name
  8. Click "Join Game" and have fun.

NOTE: If you are interested in setting up your own server, see the instructions HERE.

React Legacy Includes The Following Features:

  • no matchmaking, but dedicated and listen servers
  • a fully offline playable LAN mode, including a server browser
  • a theater mode
  • new weapons
  • full-screen recording with OBS and other screen capture software
  • compatible with most cine mods
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