Guide How to setup RektT5 Dedicated Server

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A better server explanation guide will be made soon.

Main configuration

  • Save the configuration in your /data/ folder and name it server.cfg
  • Open server.cfg file with notepad or notepad++ and edit your commands to your liking and hit save.
  • Create a shortcut of t5m.exe and right click the shortcut, select properties and paste this following text at the end of the "target" line

    -console +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 28960 +exec server.cfg +set playlist_enabled "0" +map mp_nuked

  • Once you are done with your edits to your liking, execute the shortcut to start the server and you're good to go!
Port forward
Forward port 28960 (default) on both UDP and TCP to avoid any inconvenience. (Port Forwarding Tutorial)

If you hosting an IW4x server. I recommend you change the port to something else.

Other ports to forward:

TCP & UDP 3074
TCP 27014 - 27050
UDP 27000 - 27030

Common issues
Can't connect to your own server? Can't see it in the browser list?
- To connect you will need to goto console and type ''connect <your local ip:port>" then hit enter.
- To find your local IP: Open up Command Prompt by typing 'cmd' (without the apostrophe's (the '')) in either your Start Menu for people on Windows 7 or above, or by hitting your Windows and R key at the same time.
- Type in: 'ipconfig'.
Find your computer/router/wireless adapter. Copy down the IP address for that, and that will be your local IP.
An example would be "connect"

For example
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