Plutonium T6 Quick Start Guide (Client Install)


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The Plutonium T6 Client requires you to register on their forum. Before you continue, register now.
  1. Make sure you have The Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed. Use the x86 version.
  2. Copy your Black Ops 2 game files to a new folder if you have it installed on Steam. (Steam version is preferred.)
  3. Download the Plutonium T6 Updater HERE. Click the orange Download button. Place the PU.exe installer you downloaded into your root game directory.
  4. Run PU.exe and login using your Plutonium forum username and password. Wait for it to install the updated client files.
  5. In the installer UI, you will have the option to add multiplayer and/or zombie shortcuts to your desktop. You can also launch either by pressing PLAY MP for Multiplayer or PLAY ZM for Zombies.
For more info, visit the official Plutonium site.

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