Questions about Redacted commands


I've seen someone joining a game that was already started by the way of a simple invitation. I've been actively searching for a way to reproduce it via the Redacted console but there's no indication about how to use the commands on your command list post, I've been trying hard quite a lots of things but couldn't get any good results.

The official Bo2 was supporting the post-game join, so I have a few questions,
- Is it possible to reproduce it via the redacted console ?
- The connect commands followed by an IP of an host always send me an UI Exe Error, is it because this command works only with private servers or private hosting such as the BO1 LAN ?
- May you give me some more indications about the core commands I could use in zombies ?

I'm using the noSTEAM Version of BO2 with the Redacted 11.11.2015 & Nightly (used only to fix some errors)
I use Tunngle to connect on LAN.

I'll stay aware to give you as much informations as you need.
Thank you very much for being here to help day after day :)

Regards from a curious wanderer,
Oh ! I though redacted was a platform to support only the totally legit version, my bad then.
Thanks for the answer anyway,

Have a great day !
- Is it possible to reproduce it via the redacted console ?

I have that question too and I have the Steam version , it's possible or not?
Nah. :) I found the command and the proper use of it. I can assure you there's a way, although you'll need to work for it in order to get it.


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Oh, I just realized you are the outdated pirate guy so you are being cheeky. Doubtful you figured it out.