Redacted Error Help

Hi, I have been having a constant crashes while trying to play search and destroy. It crashes right after the second round. Other than that, everything is fine. The error it gives me is 0xc0000025 at 0x77e7d650. Thanks for your help.


Noob Member
This happens to me too, but only if i'm using a mod in the scripts folder. If i put the gsc file in data/maps/mp/gametypes it will work for the first round, but as soon as the next round begins the mod won't work anymore (but the game will not crash).

If you are not using a mod, the redacted.gsc in the scripts folder may be causing the problem, try deleting / moving it to another folder. (not 100% sure about this since i've deleted mine already).

ps: I'm using the latest redacted version / win10 creators update.