Redacted Steam Integration?


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I'm not sure where to put this but this is a feature suggestion.
I am wondering if the Redacted devs could make it so it says on Steam that you are playing the game as a mod so you dont have to add it as a non steam game.

TeknoMW3 and IW4x already does this so it would be cool for Redacted. I think it looks better when it says "In-Mod" instead of "In non-steam game."




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Sadly, Redacted is no longer developed. There are no plans to add features or fix bugs. ATVI didn't care too much for this project and further development could put the Redacted team in legal trouble.
When does Activision cares for what the community wants or makes? HAHAHA, just one of the worst publishers ever. They don´t make native offline leveling with bots support, but want 60€ and 14€ for 4 DLC´s (every Cod gets 4 DLC´s nowadays). Just sad. Cod is really fun playing with bots but developers and publishers only cares for things that give them money.