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Jan 19, 2016
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Q. What login do I use For Rekt T5 Black Ops 1?

A. You need to register an account at

Q. My antivirus is detecting t5m.exe as a virus. Is it safe?

A. The Rekt T5 client is completely safe. The reason why t5m.exe is detected is because it has the ability to update itself. It has been around for years any detection is 100% a false detection.

Q. Where can I download the Rekt T5 client?

A. The download is located on the Rekt Discord in the #download channel.

Q. How do I start Rekt T5?

A. Download t5m.exe and place it in an empty folder. Double click it and select the folder where your BO1 game files are located. Play the game.

Q. Chrome won't let me download t5m.exe because its a virus.

A. It is a false detection. You need to change the security settings in Chrome to allow the download.


Q. How do I add friends to Rekt T5?

A. Add friends to Rekt here

Q. When I launch the game, I get Deleting Old failed (error 5)

A: Your game may is still running. Close all instances of t5m.exe that might be running and try again.

Our game folder may b set to read only. Right click on your Rekt T5 game folder and select the properties. Uncheck read only,apply and hit OK.

Your folder permissions could be blocking it.Try moving your game folder to a new location another folder besides C:\Users\ or C:\Program Files\. For best results, make a new folder at C:\Games\.

Q. When I try to register on the Rekt forums, it asks, What game is REKT T5 for?"

A. bo1

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