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    1. What game are you applying for (Mw2)

    2. What is your age? 17 and 18 next month!

    3. Have you ever been a server admin before? I have on other games use to play alot of mw2 steam so wasnt really an option had server admin on gmod also owned my own server for a while, rust basic admin and GTA SAMP Co-Owner and admin.

    4. Do you have the ability to record matches? (i could live stream failing that recording would be the alternative.)

    5. How often can you be online? (on atleast 3-5 hours a day/night)

    6. Have you ever used B3 or RCON? b3 im sure is things like !command, !tempban etc and Who hasnt used RCON!?

    7. Do you know any of the current RG staff or admins? No but i would love to meet them all!

    8. In your own words, why do you think you would make a good server admin.
    (1. honesty, Friendly, Reliable, trustworthy, Admitting To Mistakes, Never Accuse Unless Proof and Fairness between the community.) (2. Using Equilty treating all members the same no matter the situation. Never abuse the power given use with respect and responsibly) (3. Knowing the difference between a legit player and non legit player. Knowing when a player is cheating/hacking is hard to tell but i have a few ways of knowing if a player is cheating also take video show the staff see what they think about the player and whether they think the player is cheating.) (4. Delivering good gameplay to the servers with friendly vibes. I always put GG whether ive gone positive or negtive)
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    Join discord and send me a message.

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