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    Jun 9, 2017
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    Hey everyone,
    I'm TheLegend from RoadTOEvolution multigaming community and seeing a new client inbound for mw3 makes me more than happy. I would love to contribute in its development as so will my team.
    Originated from FirsToFire (FTF) a well known clan from teknomw3. I've strived to make multigaming communities a better platform in countless tries. From setting up new forums everyday to fighting Bigbrotherbot3 countless times just for a stable server.
    Now i feel like giving up on TEKNOMW3 as it will not get stable nomatter what. The hackers have dug deep into the root. Plutonium on the other hand seems promising enough to get my support and i would surely love to keep an eye on servers.
    My additional skills are PHP C# and WXPYTHON. So if you guys still have an opening, i would love to be a part of something big!
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    Jan 19, 2016
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    Glad to see you are looking forward to Pluto. However, we are not the developers of Pluto. If you with to contact them, their site is

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