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Server Admin
Feb 10, 2021
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1. What game services are you applying for? (This could be IW4x, RektT5M, PlutoT6 or all)

PlutoT6 (Specifically Hardcore TDM)

2. What is your age?


3. Do you see yourself as a mature person?


4. What is your full discord id (For example user#1234)


5. What is your in-game name?


6. What is your in-game @id number? (Just join one of our game server and type in !whoami )


7. Have you ever been a server admin before?

Yes. I've been admins for servers on multiple different games including Black Ops 2, CS:GO, and Call of Duty 4.

8. Do you and your pc have the ability to record matches? (Admins are required to have video proof to ban)

Yes. I always have Shadowplay running while I am playing games.

9. How often are you online?

Nearly every day, I can't think of any reason I wouldn't be online at a given time unless I am asleep.

10. How often are you playing on our game servers?

I played a lot before the update adding the new server browser to Pluto, and recently came back.

11. What's your average ping on our servers?

Around 50 at all times.

12. Have you ever used B3, or IW4MAdmin or RCON in the past or have experience managing servers?

I used B3 a few years ago but don't remember much about it. I have only used RCON in source games, but I'd imagine it isn't that different here. I don't have a ton of experience on Call of Duty servers, but I would gladly learn more about it.

13. Do you know any of the current RG staff or admins?

Not really, I've talked to a few of them briefly in Discord, but haven't gotten to know the staff team very well yet.

14. In your own words, why do you think you would make a good server admin?

After a short break from Pluto, I have come back and have been very active since. I understand the server rules, and would enjoy helping the community remain clean and cheater free, and while this is a new forum account, I could definitely be more active here.