Infinite Warfare – A Nice Surprise

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To Infinite Warfare and Beyond

Somehow, I ended up buying a copy of Infinite Warfare. I am one of those Call of Duty players that, for the most part, stopped buying games from the series after Modern Warfare 3. I skipped World at War and Black Ops I and just stuck with MW2 on modded clients like FourDeltaOne and React and was content with that. But, IW is in my Steam library. Then, after the game had been out for years, I decided to buy Black Ops II since it was on sale on for around $9.00 and had a lot of fun.

The game had some “futuristic elements but that was mostly in gun attachments and not the boot jumps and wall running that all the “real” Call of Duty fans were complaining about. Honestly, those exo-suit elements didn’t appeal to me and I had no desire to try Ghosts or Advance WarfareThere was a free weekend on Steam for Black Ops III; and, to my surprise, I had a good time. Creating classes was completely different from what I was accustomed to and there was much about the game I did not understand, but it was fun. Of course I was terrible at it since I was not used to covering the addition angles created by the boot jumps and wall running; but as I became familiar with the maps I started to improve some (I’m still pretty terrible). Another sale came up on G2A, so I decided to buy BO3.

The IW Hate Is Real

Then there was Infinite Warfare. As soon as the first trailer was released, the game was universally hated. The YouTube video for the trailer made new with the millions of dislikes it was receiving and every where you looked, people were proclaiming the death of the Call of Duty series. Once the beta came out there a bit more of a positive reception, but people were not happy with yet another futuristic CoD. There was no PC beta released which pissed off the PC players even more. Many fans wanted to return to the games roots. The announcement of the Modern Warfare Remastered which would be released with special packed versions of the game did spark interest and many old school fans were looking forward to it. I decided to buy IW for that very reason. I was trying to wait to see if MWr would be released separately but ended up snagging a copy of the Legacy Edition for $59.00 on Steam. For the first week, I only played the remaster and didn’t even install Infinite Warfare and had a blast getting reacquainted with maps I had spent many hours on with friends. Modern Warfare Remastered was worth $60 in my opinion and I don’t regret my decision especially with the free DLC released on Dec. 13th. The supply drops though…

Giving It A Shot

Of course, I had to at least try out Infinite Warfare. I was hearing the campaign was pretty good and there was always zombie mode. Once I got it installed and loaded up, I was surprised. While it was very similar to BO3, the boost jumps were toned down a bit and the maps, in my opinion, were better designed. When I play, I try to think of it was Halo or some other sci-fi game so I don’t fall into the trap of comparing it to the older games and being disappointed. I still didn’t understand all the class creation options but I’ve put 18 hours in and I’m having fun. I don’t have the greatest of computers so it was a interesting to find that the game seemed to be better optimized than BO3 and I would run it on lowered setting at a consistent 55-60 frames per second. For a game I had no interest in initially, I find myself wanting to load it up when I’m at work or away from home.

I feel embarrassed to admit it but I like it. The game isn’t perfect by any means. On PC, the sales were significantly lower than BO3 so it can be hard to find a lobby at times. The inability of deal with cheaters is frustrating. I’m used to running CoD dedicated servers and banning cheaters on the spot. I am no fan of supply drops or micro-transactions but I accept that this is now a standard “feature” in modern games. I wish they would limit the purchases to cosmetic items that have no impact on game play, but major gaming companies like money I hear. I may wear a bag over my head while I play Infinite Warfare, but I will be playing it. If you have some money to blow, give it a shot. There are some deals on and I’m sure there will be a drop in the price for the Steam Winter Sale.