IW6x - Bringing Ghosts Back

IW6x is a recently released client by X Labs for Call of Duty: Ghosts. This client, which attempts to bring life back to the much loved and much hated game, was released in 2020. When Ghosts was initially released, it was the first 64x only title and required at least 4GB of RAM. Do to the system requirements and the lack of optimization, the Ghosts PC population quickly feel off. Now, X Labs has released IW6x with hopes to revive and improve upon the Steam client.

Features and Fixes

While still in a beta state, the developers and community have already made several improvements to the game including:

  • Community hosted servers for both multiplayer and Extinction mode
  • A server browser allowing players to choose which IW6x server they want to join.
  • Exploits ehich exist in the Steam version have been patched.
  • IW6x is compatible with IW4MADMIN which adds admin tool and anticheat.


Currently, there are not many players. We suggest getting a few friends together and joining a server. Once others see players in a server, they will join as well. Sometimes you just need to sit in am empty server and wait. Servers don't magically populate themselves.


If you are interested in using the IW6x client, there is a detailed guide How to Play MW2 With the IW4X Client on the ReactionGaming forum

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