Outlast 2 – Will It Make You Shit Yourself

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Outlast 2 Demo Looks Promising

In early October, Red Barrels released the Outlast 2 demo to help fans get over the delayed launch of the heavily anticipated horror title. It is free until November 1 for PC, Xbox and PS4. While the game is set in the same world, the location and character are unrelated to the original game… at least it seems that way from the demo. What we know of the story is you play as  investigative journalist Blake Langermann who, along with his wife, are looking into the “impossible murder” of a pregnant woman. The game begins with a crash where you awake alone, wife missing and in the deserts of Arizona, where you will uncover some unnerving things and a “corruption so profound that going mad may be the only sane thing to do.”

Let’s return to the original Outlast for a moment. It was a huge success and I’m not going to take anything from it. It was one of the first games to actually make me jump and I am one that doesn’t get scared by horror movies at all. My one complaint was that it was a little repetitive. While I enjoyed that game, when I came to the parts where you had to retrieve a fuse (for example) from a location and bring it back to a fuse box, I was less thrilled about playing simply because I had preformed the same takes several times before. You are forced to go to a room, there is a bad man in the area, hide, run, get item, hide again, run back to home-base. Rinse and repeat about 5 more times. Free-roaming would have been nice in some of the locations. Still I had fun, but I was glad when I finished it.

What To Expect from Outlast 2

So, what can we expect from Outlast 2? Well, from the demo it looks like it will be another success. The scary is still in full force. While I can’t say if there will be more repetitive tasks, it looks to have retained everything that made the original a classic horror title with improvements. Red Barrels have once again provided a thoroughly creepy and goose bump-inducing environment.  The graphics look much better but the settings can still be reduced so the average PC can still run the game at a decent frame rate. The night vision looks a lot better and more realistic than in the previous release revealing more detail in the green glow of the camera. Knocking on doors is a new one that has left everyone I know completely freaked out and gasping, “No!!! Don’t do that!” One of the highlights for me what when I noticed that while I was exploring a particularly gory chamber, I could hear the crunch of dead children beneath my feet.  I was wondering what the crackling and popping was I was hearing and looked down. I actually felt bad for tromping around on the kids.

See Instinct‘s reaction to the stomping of children in the video below.

I will be looking forward to playing the full version of this game. It was originally planned to launch sometime at the end of 2016, but a delay was announced pushing the date bake to early 2017. You have one more day to get the free demo so hurry.