Pluto IW5 – A Fresh Take On MW3

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Pluto IW5 A New MW3 Client Is Available In Beta Now

Pluto IW5, is a modified version of the Modern Warfare 3 with the beta being releases October 1, 2017. What is the purpose of Pluto IW5 (also referred to as Plutonium and PlutoMW3)? Why not just use the normal Steam client? If you are asking this, you obviously haven’t played MW3 on Steam lately. The game is full of cheaters to the point where is is almost unplayable. If you don’t get stuck in a lobby full or aimbotters and wall-hackers, you’ll get in a modded lobby that will changed all your settings or lock your account up. Modern Warfare 3 on Steam is broken and Activision doesn’t seem too concerned about it. With no fixes coming for the official version of the game, Pluto has stepped up to the plate to deliver a better playing experience.

Custom Clients Offer Custom Gaming Experiences

With the Steam version of the game in its current state, many players have searched for any alternatives. For years, the only real option was AlterIW FourDeltaOne, and TeknoMW3. AlterIWnet/4D1 were closed years ago and are no longer an option. TeknoMW3 is still up but it has security flaws that make the client unsafe to use. With TeknoMW3, server owners can have their dedicated servers or VPS completely taken over thanks to an exploit that has never and will never be patched since TeknoMW3 is no longer actively developed. There are other exploits allowing hackers to crash servers, assume admin permissions and just generally ruin the game for the players. Below is a video describing the issues with TeknoMW3 for one server owner.

TeknoMW3 did provide an alternative option and was embraced by the MW3 community but it was always an okay option and not a real solution to the problem. True, server admins had a few more tools to work with that kept cheaters out of the game, but the cheaters had a few more tools as well (anyone remember the hkClan?).

Now Pluto IW5 has taken up the challenge to restore the game back to a playable state as well as provide new content as well.

Plutonium (often shortened to Pluto) is a project designed to expand the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 base game to keep the community of players alive and keep an aging game playable. Plutonium is a Non-Profit project and we do not intend to infringe on others’ intellectual property or trademarks, we simply want to keep one of our favorite games playable and hacker free, while adding many highly requested features seen in previous Call of Duty titles.


Some of the features you can look forward to are:

  • PlutoIW5 will use the newest version of the game (TeknoMW3 uses an older version)
  • A new code base not based on TeknoMW3 which will prevent the current exploits from working
  • An active anti-cheat system which will detect and ban cheaters
  • New maps from other Call of Duty games
  • New Weapons
  • Dedicated servers
  • Game scripting
  • A friends system similar to Steam with game invites
  • Leaderboards
  • Increase in the max client limits

Try The Beta Now

The client has gone through several rounds of testing and a beta has been released to the public. No specific ETA has been announced. The client has only been recently released so don’t expect it to be bug free. Help the development of the project by reporting bugs and patiently waiting for updates. Be glad there are people willing to devote time, money and energy to a project like this. If only Activision cared about its older titles as much as the community did, the game might not be dying on PC like it currently is. If you are interested in talking to the developers of  the Plutonium client or looking for more information, links to their site and Discord will be provided below.

Developers: Plutonium




I’ll post an install guide on the site soon, but there should be one on the Pluto site.


NOTE: ReactionGaming is not affiliate with the development of the Pluto staff, has no knowledge of who they are, or indorse their project. This is simply information I found on Google.