Plutonium T6

Plutonium T6: A Modded BO2 Client

Plutonium T6 is a custom, feature rich Black Ops 2 (T6) client released on April 13, 2018. The CoD modding community has waited for a BO2 client ever since Redacted shut down, and the Plutonium team has made it happen. And, unlike previous attempts at BO2 mods, it not a copy and paste of the Redacted code but a fresh take on a fan favorite CoD title that adds new possibilities never seen in any other T6 client.

What can you expect from PlutoT6? Dedicated servers and an in-game server browser are included. There is an active anti-cheat system which will enable automatic banning globally when cheats are detected. Additionally, Iw4madmin has been made compatible with PlutoT6 Ported maps from other CoD titles are available including Skidrow and Rust and, recently, GSC mod support for weapons, camos, and other server mods has been added. For zombies, you can expect the player cap to be increased from four to eight.


  • Dedicated server support for multiplayer
  • Dedicated server support for zombies
  • Zombie party cap increased to 8 players
  • B3 & Iw4madmin Support
  • Anti-cheat measures
  • Updated interface
  • Mod support (GSC mods are now supported)

Plutonium T6 Is The Client of Choice for Pro Tournaments

Official Plutonium Website

Plutonium Discord

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