React Legacy: A Online/LAN MW2 Client

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ReactIW4 Reissued for Editors

React Legacy is a reissue of the ReactIW4 client. While the official version was closed. It has been revived for those having problems with other available MW2 clients.

Many people have complained about having difficulty recording cines or montages with other clients. We are offering React Legacy as a specialty iw4 client with the LAN crowd primarily in mind.. It is essentially, the ReactIW4 r449 version with a few minor changes. Many of the React visual customization have been removed in favor of a more vanilla Modern Warfare 2 experience. React Legacy also supports LAN gaming and full screen recording with OBS and other screen recording software as well. This client is releases as is. Updates and new features should not be expected.

Other listed features include:

  • no matchmaking, but dedicated and listen servers
  • a fully offline playable LAN mode, including a server browser
  • a theater mode
  • new weapons
  • full-screen recording with OBS and other screen capture software
  • compatible with most cine mods

Get The React Legacy Client And Get In the Game

For install instructions, visit: How to Play MW2 With the React Legacy Client

Disclaimer: ReactionGaming is not affiliated with the React Legacy/ReactIW4 development team, does not host any IW4 content on the site or other cloud storage services. This is information found using freely available.