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Trying Resident Evil After A Long Time

Recently, I decided to try the new Resident Evil 7 biohazard game developed by Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games. Its been a long time since I played a game from this franchise; so long, in fact, I couldn’t remember which one it was. After a little YouTube research, I found out that the last Resident Evil game I played was the original one. About time I try it again. Since I wasn’t a long time fan of the game or the movies for the most part, i had no expectations other than I kind of remember its as a top down puzzle/shooter game. Here are my thoughts after about 3 hours of play time.

First Impressions – Oh, Its A Horror Game

First, I was not expecting a horror game. I’ve heard from long time fans of the game that they were disappointed that Biohazard didn’t stay true to the game’s roots. While they didn’t like that the genre had changed, most agreed that it was still a good game. For me, I was instantly reminded of Outlast since I played through the entirety the original release and had recently reviewed the demo released on Steam a few months ago. You can read my thoughts on tat game here: Outlast 2 – Will It Make You Shit Yourself. The graphics looked nice even on my no-so-great PC and the developers set a nice and creepy atmosphere from the beginning. Without giving much away, the abandoned house was fun to explore and I was tense waiting for something nasty to jump out. The controls were intuitive and it was easy for me to navigate the game. I hate when games over complicate the controls in an attempt to be different or edgy and I end up spending more time trying to figure out how to do something than actually playing the game. I could focus on the game and get lost in the story and not lost in the menus.

If Only Resident Evil 7 Had…

I only have two real complaints about the game so far. First, I would like the ability to peak around corners. This was available in Outlast and Soma and greatly enhanced the fear factor for me. There is something about sneaking your head around the door to take a quick peek and see it the coast is clear that helps me feel “in” that game. In Resident Evil 7 biohazard, I’m not sure if I’m being sneaky or an idiot when i try to look around the corners of doors or hallways. Second, I wish i could interact with more of the environment. While there are some boxes you can smash and move around, much of the scenery is static and boring. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick up a box and smash Mia with it?

Overall, the game is fun and full of eerie surprises. People might have been expecting something different; but if you can put that aside, Resident Evil biohazard is a good horror game. I have been playing the game a little bit at a time on Twitch and I find myself wondering what the magic first-aid stuff is that allows you to reattach severed limbs and thinking about what will be coming next. I like it. Give it a shot and I think you will too.

Have you played the game? Are you a long-time fan of the series? What are you thoughts on Resident Evil 7 biohazard? And why is biohazard not capitalized?

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