S1x - AN Adanced Warfare Client

S1x is a new client for Advanced Warfare released on April 20, 2021 and developed by the X Labs team, who also brought you IW4x and IW6x. While development is still on-going, it looks very promising. And, like the others, it is open source. The S1x client is free to download and is completely opensourced.

How to install the S1x Advanced Warfare client

  • Download the Advanced Warfare full game torrent. This torrent includes the DLCs. There is no need to download them separately.
  • Download the S1x client and place it in the game folder. Your antivirus may flag this file as a virus but it is a false positive. If you are concerned, this is an open source project. You can review the source code and compile the S1x client yourself from the Xlabs GitHub.
  • Double click s1x.exe and select the mode you wish to play.

S1x Advanced Warfare Features

  • Dedicated servers with server browser
  • Play offline by yoursefl or with other on a local LAN mode.
  • Mod support (coming soon)
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