S1x - AN Adanced Warfare Client

S1x is a new client for Advanced Warfare developed By the X Labs team, who also released IW4x and IW6x. While it is still in early development, it looks very promising. And, like the others, it is open source. Currently, the client has not been released pubicly, but there are a couple of ways to get your hands on it early.

How to get the S1x Advanced Warfare client early

  • Support the project through the X Labs Patreon which gives you access to the VIP channel containing the client and game downloads
  • Build the client yourself from the opensource GitHub repo
  • Compatibility with IW4MAdmin (Coming Soon)

S1x Advanced Warfare Features

  • Dedicated servers with server browser
  • Play offline by yoursefl or with other on a local LAN mode.
  • Mod support (coming soon)
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